Day 2 in London

Monday 5th September

The plan today was to meet Jason at midday so we could have a relaxing morning after our full on sightseeing day yesterday – however, I was awake at 6am (thanks jet lag!). I got up slowly and got dressed, then headed downstairs for breakfast. Back in my room and chilling when I realised I was out of foundation (panic for me haha).

I still had a few hours before I was due to meet Jason, so I googled where the closest MAC store to my hotel was, and how to get there. Oxford Street had the closest store and Google said the easiest/quickest way to get there was by bus – I was a bit nervous about this but my Oyster card allowed me to travel by bus as well as on the tube, so I figured I’d give it a go. Turns out, the buses in London are just as easy to navigate as the tube system! And I could say I rode on a London red double decker bus πŸ™‚ I got off the bus at Oxford Street and went in to SelfridgesΒ – this was a massive designer department store, selling every designer brand you could think of. I looked around for a little while before grabbing what I needed from MAC and heading back to my hotel to meet up with Jason.

I met up with Jason and we got back on the bus to the British Museum – it was the same bus I had caught to go to Oxford Street, although we probably could have just walked to the Museum as it was quite close to my hotel. The British Museum is free to enter, but we did have to go through security and a bag check before we were allowed through. Then of course, I had to get the obligatory photo outside the Museum.


The museum is absolutely massive – more than you can do in one day. It was also very busy, with lots of people crowding around the most popular exhibits like the Rosetta Stone and the mummies. There’s so much to see at the museum, especially if you’re interested in Ancient History. We walked around the museum for about an hour and a half before becoming really tired. I decided to head back to the hotel for a couple hours rest while Jason headed to Oxford Street for some shopping.

I met back up with Jason at 4pm and we got ready and then headed out to catch the bus to the Prince Edward theatre to pick up our tickets for the Aladdin show.


After picking up our tickets, Jason and I found an Italian restaurant to go to for dinner. I had spaghetti carbonara and it was delicious!


After dinner, we still had time to kill before the doors opened for the show so we wandered down the street and found a cocktail bar that was having happy hour – 2 for 1 cocktails! The bar was called ‘Be At One’ and was a really cool bar – they even served free popcorn with the drinks.

Finally we were able to go in to the theatre to see Aladdin – what a show, it was amazing! Definitely a must-see – the genie in particular was incredible. The only downside was seeing the show while jet-lagged, because even though I enjoyed the show, I could hardly keep my eyes open! After the show, we decided to catch an Uber back to my hotel and then from there Jason caught the Tube back to his sister’s house. It was 11pm by the time I got to bed and I was exhausted!


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