My trip to Europe is fast approaching – less than 2 months to go until I depart now! As you may remember from this post, I am doing the European Quest Contiki in Europe and had also booked on the London Uncovered tour before the European Quest begins. However, slightly bad news – Contiki decided to cancel the London Uncovered tour as there wasn’t enough people booked on it (even though it was a Definite Departure and not supposed to be cancelled haha).

Anyway, it could be worse – it could by my European Quest tour that was cancelled so no drama – Contiki offered me an alternative option – the London Explorer tour which was about $300 cheaper but this isn’t a tour as such, more like a self-guided thing. I worked out that it would be cheaper to get a refund and then book myself a room at the Royal National hotel for the 6 nights and then do my own thing so my travel agent is in the process of sorting that out at the moment. The nice part about this is that I won’t have to share a room with a stranger for this week as well!

My friend Jason who is flying over to London with me will be there for a few days, so we’ve planned a few things – we’re going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour on one day and have also booked tickets to see Aladdin.

For the other few days that I’m in London, I have a rough idea of what I’ll probably do, although I’d rather not make solid plans in case something else comes up. But at this stage, I plan to spend my first full day in London sorting out a Sim card for my phone so I can use it throughout Europe – hoping I can pick up a Sim from UK provider Three, as they seem to offer the best pay as you go deals with free roaming in a bunch of countries throughout Europe. I also want to hit up Oxford Street which I hear is London’s centre of shopping!

The other thing I’m considering booking for London is a Hop on Hop off tour with Big Bus London – I used this company in New York and was quite impressed. It’s a great way to get a tour of London and it stops right outside the Royal National hotel as well – easy! This way I can see where everything is and then come back to visit the places I want to see, like the Tower of London and the British Museum.

I’ll probably need to fit in a visit to the laundromat before I leave London too because who knows how often I’ll be able to wash my clothes while on my Europe tour!



5 thoughts on “London

  1. Looking forward to reading about your European trip. When I went to America just there I went to 3 and got a 30 day sim. It has to be activated in the UK but it’s £20 you get 12GB, 300 mins 3000 texts so definitely your best option!
    Hop on, hop off tours are always great and is most likely your best bet for seeing the big tourist parts of London.

  2. I suggest that you Google ‘Tesco mobile’ if you are looking for a sim card that offers free roaming. Three only offers free roaming to a few countries…so France = yes and Germany = no.

    Oh, and it may surprise you to learn this…but there are clothes washing facilities here in Europe.

    • Thanks – yes obviously I know you can wash clothes in Europe, but I’m doing a tour where we stay at most 2 nights in a city so I meant I don’t know how much time I will have to get washing done…

  3. I was going to say – You should stay in a hostel and save yourself heaps of money plus meet other people to explore London with but I see you’ve got your friend coming 🙂
    I used Three Mobile when I was there too – It was good apart from it didn’t work in Germany and 1 other country I can’t remember….
    The pound will be looking real good for you right now!

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