Heading to Orlando

Our final morning in NYC was pretty sad – saying goodbye to the girls I had become quite close with was hard!

Sarah and Andrew were also heading to Orlando after our tour, and although we were flying on different airlines, our flights were at the same time from the same airport – Newark – so we decided to get a car from the hotel and split the price. Because a car had a fixed price, we figured it would work out cheaper than a taxi because Newark is pretty far – as in, it’s in another State – New Jersey.

I was pretty excited for the next leg of my trip. Firstly, I was flying First Class to Orlando! It was quite fun checking in at the airport in the First Class area (I’m sure the staff were looking at me like I shouldn’t be flying First Class lol!). The flight itself was only about 2 hours, but flying in first class was nice – big leather seat, lots of leg room – I could definitely get used to it! Landing in Orlando, I needed to find Dad as he was joining me in Orlando for the next week. Dad’s flight from LA landed earlier than mine, so he would have been waiting all day for me. He saw me before I saw him, luckily! We grabbed my bag and then headed out to the shuttle we had booked to our hotel.

We were staying the first three nights at Universal Studios, at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was so nice! Dad and I were both exhausted though so as soon as we checked in, we both crashed! After a good few hours of napping, we headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner before having an early night.







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